Credit Cards only bringing in Balance, no history on several CC accounts

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After, Verfiying the Account on Quicken Servers, and Validate Repair File on my PC, we have the latest update version, So then We attempted to create a new TEST Quicken File, and, attempted to bring in several Credit card accounts. Note, my Bank, and primary PayPal account are still Updating and syncing. The problem is, even with the new Test File, only the BALANCE is downloaded, none of the history.

One thing I thought of, was about a month ago, which is how long this problem is occurring, I opened Quicken on my Cell phone, and that is about when my CCs quit updating.

PayPal credit card, tied to my Primary PayPal account has not been working for several months, So I have been recording them manually. Yet over the last month, the following cards I have had to update Manually also, even though I am connected, FYI

Chase CC, Discover CC, x2 Citi CC, MerrickBank CC, Amex CC, CapitalOne CC

Another attempt on any ONE of the above CC accounts, click on Update Now, then Reconcile, and the reconcile screen states, This account is not up to date, Download Transactions for this account, or Reconcile without downloading.

Lastly, Your support and I several of the CC's already signed in on the website, as we Reset the account and tried Deactivating, and signing in and out of Quicken Online Account. I waited while they did something to my account before I signed back in.

If it helps, my 2nd Quicken Support ticket is 10614237

I would love to be a Beta Tester too… as I have been using quicken since the mid 1990's.

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    Not sure I can help with the main problem, the only thing I can think of is trying to turn off sync to mobile (only because you mentioned it of something you did differently about that time). Edit → Preferences → Mobile & Web. And now that I think of it before turning it off make sure that no accounts are actually being synced.

    Actually, looking at the fact that you said that it says that they are not up to date try closing Quicken and deleting the runtime.dat files in under C:\ProgramData\Quicken\Inet (they are in sub folders of this folder).

    On the question about joining the beta. You can select Help → Quicken Beta, and it will take you to a website where you can sign up.

    This is my website:
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    FWIW, PayPal Mastercard (Synchrony Bank) has been downloading balances only the last two weeks. Whatever problems PayPal and EWC+ have had have returned—and PayPal has no option for downloading *.qfx files . . .

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    Ok… Note as of TODAY, 20231201,

    1. I removed ALL connection, both bank and credit cards.
    2. I also notated that I clicked on HELP and nothing would open like dead Help links in Quicken H/B latest version like Community, or BETA, so I rebooted my PC and those links now work again.
    3. Made sure my A/V was turned off. I am a Microsoft partner too, so I have downloaded the, which is out of beta in the last few days, and I am having Micro$oft PC Manager, out of China, v., clean it's own Temp Files and adds it's own Microsoft Defender A/V, which works fine with Other A/V's such as 360TS pay for version.
    4. I did a Super File Validation, CTRL + Shft+ click on Validate.
    5. I added a couple of CC's, yet they are only bringing in TOTALS, no transactions, over about the last month or so. Link's Authorize successfully, yet no transactions, Amex, Chase, Discover, Citi, etc.
    6. When I go to my Bank, or Credit Union, I try to setup Bill Manager, and it crashes Q every time. I have sent several Crash reports from my email.
    7. NOTE: The last time a few months ago, I had the Bill Manager problem, I solved it by Buying a month of Bill Management, for 9.99, even though it is included in the H/B version. Got it working again, then turned off the 9.99 subscription.

    These are my notes and I hope they assist the coders!


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