Total shares reported in Quicken incorrect, do not match individual transactions in the register

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Using Quicken Classic Deluxe for Windows R53.16 build

Starting at an Investment Account, I click on [Holdings]. The total shares reported for one of the investment funds is incorrect by a small amount (+0.0711 shares) compared to the total reported by the brokerage.

This investment is only held and transacted in this account.

In the past, I had gotten the pop-up after online update alerting me the Quicken balance had a difference vs brokerage reported balance, and I always selected the "Ignore" option.

I've cross-referenced each transaction in the Quicken register for this investment against the brokerage list of transactions. All check out OK.

All transacted share amounts from the brokerage and in Quicken register are shown to the 3rd decimal. Yet the total shares reported in Quicken go to a 4th decimal (how can this be if I see no transactions with a 4th decimal?).

I've checked my Preferences settings to confirm I'm showing hidden transactions.

I've Validated/Repaired my Quicken files, rebuild inv lots… and no reported errors for this account.

Where else to look?


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    You might try varying the As of Date for the view back in time to see if you can identify when this discrepancy first came about.

    Your 'ignore' policy is best in my opinion as it avoids placeholders getting tossed into the mix. You should still make sure there are no placeholders involved. Good that you have the option to Show hidden transactions active.

    Was the holding ever involved in a stock split or spinoff type event? That might explain the discrepancy with so may decimal digits.

    Note that Reports use a specified precision (Edit / Preferences / Reports Only) so in reviewing transactions be sure to be reviewing the actual transactions rather than a report listing of the transactions.

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    Instead of visually comparing transactions on the Quicken account register vs downloaded workbook of transactions from the broker, I created a custom Quicken Report listing all transactions for the specific investment, and exported to Excel.

    Then I could check each transaction, add a running balance of shares on Quicken vs Broker, and spotted the date a transaction happened and where the resulting balances were different.

    For this transaction (administrative/recordkeeping fees) the shares sold had an extra zero after the decimal point. Because the non-zero digits matched, I missed this in my visual comparison. Mind you, this is a downloaded transaction. Both the share amount and dollar amount downloaded to Quicken were 1/10th of the actual amount the Brokerage reports.

    3 hours of my life lost forever, and thank you Fidelity and Quicken for being right 99% of the time.

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    so it was .0711 compared to .711 ?

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    It imported as 0.0079 shares sold to pay fees instead of 0.079. The dollar amount was also imported as 1/10th of the correct amount. This caused the total shares held to report 0.0711 in excess.

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    When the .0079 shares were sold, did it generate enough cash to cover the fees, or is your account accumulating a negative cash balance?

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