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Converted back to Quicken after SEE Finance appears to have sunsetted. Anyone else notice when entering in Investment activity if you put in a new Reinvest/Dividend that tabbing through the fields does not work? It works with Buy action. Also notice that stock splits when you enter in the date it doesn't appear.

I get that developers have bigger fish to fry but sometimes it is the little things that make a user experience great.


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    When I tab through the fields entering a dividend or reinvested transaction, it works as expected for me. It's no different than any other type of investment transaction, like a Buy or Sell. I enter my investment accounts manually, so I use this all the time.

    I'm also not seeing the problem you describe with missing the date in a stock split transaction I just tried one, and it also worked as expected for me. I entered the date and Type=Stock Split, and the date at the top and below under the account name remains exactly the date I entered, and stays that way as I tabbed through and completed the transaction and saved it.

    So I'm thinking there might be some setting in your macOS causing the unexpected behavior you're seeing. for instance, in System Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard, is Full Keyboard Access turned off? In System Settings > General > Language & Region, is your region set to the United States?

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    Sorry my bad, I find the problem is when you are adding missing shares via the Portfolio not the transaction tab. The transaction tab I have no problems

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