Transfers in kind keeping history


How do I keep the shares history for in-kind transfers? So that I have price per share and transaction history. When doing IRA to ROTH conversions.

Quicken Deluxe Windows

Version R53.16



  • Tom Young
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    This FAQ

    shows one way of doing this.

    I'd probably do this slightly differently than the FAQ says in order to have the conversion picked up by the income tax reports. I'd "sell" the security in the Traditional IRA, "transfer" the cash to a taxable Account - you can use your real Quicken checking Account or create a dummy, manual checking Account for this purpose - then "transfer" the cash to the new ROTH IRA Account. This leaves the cash in the "from" Account unaffected but the income tax reports will pick up the cash "distribution" from the Traditional IRA as a taxable event.

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