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I have been a Quicken Classic for Business & Personal user since the early 2000’s and am now on version R53.1.53.16. Up until a couple of months ago my downloads for my investment accounts worked fine but now the information in the “Download Transaction” is no longer working properly. The “Status” & “Date” is correct but the information in the “Action & Description” fields is not helpful. Fortunately the impact is only happening with my investments through LPL Financial which requires “Wb Connect.”

The “Action” field simply shows the word income rather than showing dividend income, interest income or reinvestment. And the Description no longer gives the name of the investment.

Additionally, when I try to update my account, the download requires that I identify each of my securities even though they are already in my account.


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    Look at the contents of the .QFX file that you are downloading from LPL and see if the "Action & Description" are wrong in it.

    If they are, you need to complain to LPL since they are creating that file

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