Wells Fargo online method changing - this is a nonstarter

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I have been notified in-app that the online interface is changing and needs to be upgraded (if it is non direct-connect, which mine appears to be). When attempting to follow the upgrade process, there is an approval screen that indicates account data, both present and past, will be shared with Intuit. Sorry, this is a non-starter!

I disabled online transactions, hoping that direct connect will be an option but the first thing that pops up is the data sharing agreement window.

So I now have no automatic Wells Fargo account updates, which I guess would have been disabled shortly anyway so no big loss.

I will be manually entering WF transactions from here on, I guess. Depending on the level of hassle, and if this data sharing requirement trend continues, I will certainly be making the long and painful effort to transition to an alternative to Quicken. I've tested the waters before, and maintaining history and overall account integrity in a transition is non-trivial, but tracking my financial information is critical to me and data sharing is a deal breaker. I've used Quicken since the 90's and am invested in the company's success, but sharing the data entrusted to the app is somewhere that I'm not going.

Hoping for this to be reverted, but expecting enough people don't care that this will stick and follow to other accounts.



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    With Express Web Connect & Express Web Connect+, Intuit has always had access to your transactions since they download them in an overnight process for the user to download at a later time. This is nothing new, you just read the fine print this time.

    Direct Connect and Web Connect download methods are the only ways that you have complete control over who sees your information. If you use QMobile/QWeb, Quicken has access to the information in the accounts that you sync to the Quicken Cloud Account for mobile access if that is a concern to you.

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    Unfortunately, you are correct (and I don't do mobile for this exact reason) — it's actually a good thing they're adding an up-front opt-in notification.



    I was able to re-add Wells Fargo accounts as direct connect.

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