Quicken Reconcile different every day

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I am over not being able to reconcile and having to do it manually. I literally spend three days on the phone with a very kind Quicken Representative and even she couldn't figure it out. PLEASE help!


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    I'm not sure how we can help you here without a detailed description of what's wrong, which might require you to post screen shots from which you can block out any sensitive data.

    The one general question I'd ask is: are you trying to reconcile to an online balance downloaded from your financial institution, or are you trying to reconcile to a monthly statement from the financial institution. I strongly encourage the latter, at least for getting squared away. The problem with online balances can be that some financial institutions send Quicken the account balance including pending transactions, but Quicken only displays the posted transactions. This isn't a problem if you're reconciling a a monthly statement. You need to get to a stable point where you have several months of perfectly reconciled statement with everything properly accounted for. Then if you want to experiment again with reconciling to an online balance you can try it and try to see if pending transaction on your financial institution's website account for the difference in your Quicken reconciliation.

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