Sears/Citi new card number issues


Sears Mastercard stopped downloading after a new card was issued after card was lost. On deactivating and reactivating, the old card number and new card number show as if they are different accounts. Even if I tell the old number (ends in 024) to not link to Quicken in its dropdown menu, I can't link the new card number (ends in 924) to the existing account. Can anyone advise the right steps to take? Attached is a picture of the screen when I try to reactivate.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    When you deactivate the old credit card, the Financial Institution and Account Number fields can be edited. Delete the information in those fields, turning the Account into a "manual" Account. Make a backup, then go to the Online Services tab and do "Set up Now." That should allow you to specify Sears as the financial institution and, after entering your User ID and Password, Quicken should find that new Account that you can "Link" to the existing manual Account.

  • Deejub444
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    Worked perfectly! Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

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