why is web connect express comingling bank acct data

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I just did a download using web connect express. Suddenly my son's data from Wells Fargo is mixed in with my BMO Harris data. I can pretty much figure out what's his since it is kind of a mess but I could do without the extra noise.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Did you "reauthorize" recently?

    What I have noticed is that when Quicken is suggesting which Quicken accounts should be linked with what online accounts it guesses wrong a lot of times. If one just accepts what it presents it can link the wrong accounts. The greyed out "Nickname" is in fact the name of the account in Quicken that it is going to link to.

    If you look at the Account Details you can see what financial institution a given account is linked to. If it is wrong, you will need to deactivate the account for downloading and the select Tools → Add Account and go through the process of reauthorizing/linking to the correct account.

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