Brokerage accounts no longer showing register transactions

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I know there are troubles this week with Quicken (slow/hanging OSU, 501 errors, etc). That said, I updated my accounts (it took a LONG time) this morning before I realized these issues. I am now seeing that brokerage accounts are not showing the register transactions, but instead are showing 4 summary boxes. Is there a way to revert this? Or was this part of a new change that is showing up as the aforementioned problems? NOT HAPPY. I have also been using Quicken for 30 years now (1993), but the number of times I have to reload accounts, revert to prior backups… it's starting to be painful enough to start looking for other software options…


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    Do TOOLS, Account List and click EDIT adjacent to each Investment account with this issue.

    Then, click the COMPLETE radio button in the lower left and click OK. Somehow, your account(s) got set to "Simple"

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    @NotACPA - Thank you! The OSU this morning must have reverted it… it was fine yesterday, then this morning was changed after the OSU. A bit unnerving that these kinds of changes are happening… but thank you for the remedy.

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