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Calling all Quicken users to reach out to Cash App @ 800-969-1940. Request the representative log a request/complaint with cash app to have them added to the Intuit list of financial institutions. Specifically, Cash App would need to get in contact with Intuit and request to be added to Quicken. Intuit is the service provider for connections between Quicken and the financial institutions on our list.

If Cash App gets enough calls, they will take action. Just tell them, "contact Intuit to enable direct download link to Quicken"! Words above add a little more explanation if needed. I have already called. 😊


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    From Cash App's home page:

    "Cash App is a financial services platform, not a bank".

    Since they're NOT a bank or brokerage, they're not eligible to connection to Q.

    But that same home page references Cash App's banking partners … see if you can connect them to Q.

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