Investment Accounts NOT showing any transactions!

Eli Sherer
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Hi all, My investment accounts on Quicken for Mac (latest version) are NOT updating and have not been showing transactions since August/September!

I moved from Windows to Mac late summer and since then I see price changes, but NO purchase and sales. I tried reconnecting and according to the website transfer all is right. But no changes to the accounts. Any ideas? What have I missed?,maybe a setting I got wrong when moving from Windows to Mac??



  • rfullerton123

    it might depend on which brokers you use …..some(seems like most) do not allow “detailed” downloads. I use Schwab and vanguard and Vanguard does not download transactions but Schwab does. It is a pain to update manually but that seems to be to only way to do it. Hope this helps!

  • RickO
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    It sure would help if you would state which brokerage this is.

    That said, open the Settings for the account (menu Accounts > Settings). Under Investment Tracking Method on the Details tab, see if Simple or Detailed positions is selected. If Detailed is grayed out, it might be, as @rfullerton123 says, that the brokerage doesn't provide that ability. Or it could be because you have the wrong connection method selected (especially for Fidelity). In the accounts Settings, Downloads tab, see if Direct Connect or Quicken Connect is selected. If Direct Connect is not selected and you can switch to that, it may resolve the issue.

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  • Eli Sherer
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    Sorry all… The primary concern is about Merrill Edge or Merrill Lynch… which I've heard may be a part of the issue.

    Rumor is that Merrill Edge does not offer Direct Connect and Detailed positions. (Quicken guy told me that this might be the issue).

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    Looking at this entry in the Quicken Mac fidir.txt file:

    08969	08969	08969	Merrill Edge	1.877.653.4732	ACTIVE	 	 	 	ACCOUNTINFO,INVESTMENT&EXP-WEB-CONNECT	NOT_QBP	NA

    It indicates Express Web Connect (which is really Quicken Connect in Quicken Mac), and no Direct Connect, so it seems that the assumption that they don't provide transactions is true.

    Note the Merrill Lynch does:

    05550	05550	05550	Merrill Lynch Investments	1-800-637-7455	ACTIVE	INVESTMENT,ACCOUNTINFO&DIRECT	INVESTMENT&WEB-CONNECT	 	

    But also, from a Windows thread it seems that it isn't working at least for some people:

    Mac thread with the same problem:

    This is my website:
  • Eli Sherer
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    @Chris_QPW Thanks for your effort#. Monitoring the other posts… glad I was able to report to both Quicken and Merrill and have no one tell me it was already known…

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