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I have asked this question before, but still have not been able to correct the issue. EVERY time I activate one-step update, all of my accounts are updated. In my TD Bank checking account, an erroneous deposit of $5,505.29, dated 10/19/2019 is entered into my register. This transaction results in the balance being out-of-balance with the bank by - you guessed it - $5,505.29. This has been going on for over 4 years! I must delete this transaction every time. If I leave it and put in an offsetting negative entry, it will add the transaction again. Very frustrating! Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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    TD Bank US or Canada?

    What connection method to TD? Look in the Transaction Download column at TOOLS, Account list for this info.

    Is there another transaction for this amount in your file?

    BTW, a 3+ year old transaction being downloaded is VERY screwy. This might take a while to diagnose.

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  • James M
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    "TD Bank Online Banking" (TD USA). Connection method = Direct Connect. This problem has been going on since 10/19/2019. I checked the PDF copy of my statement. There was no transaction with this dollar amount at that time. There are "no matching transactions" for this dollar amount in my Quicken file.

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