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Everything I’m reading appears there is still not a full-featured version of Quicken for iPad. I’ve used Quicken for decades but can’t understand why there wouldn’t be a full-featured version for iPad. This seems ridiculous in this day and age. This is the only application preventing me from ditching my desktop and moving to an iPad for all my needs. When will a full-featured iPad app be available? Or do I need to find an alternate app?


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    In my opinion you need to find another App, Quicken Classic will never run on iOS.

    The best Quicken Inc can do for you for that requirement would be Quicken Simplifi.

    As you look for other applications, I think you will find that there isn't anything out there on iOS that has Quicken Classic's feature set. There might be one that has a feature set good enough for what you want, but no way it is going to have the feature set of Quicken Classic, even Quicken Classic Mac, which has far less that Quicken Windows.

    The main reason is because this statement is completely wrong:

    This seems ridiculous in this day and age.

    The day and age have nothing to do with it. If has to do with the amount of work involved and the amount of demand for the product (as in is there enough profit in it that businesses will take on that problem).

    Quicken Mac started a total rewrite in 2008 and has yet to have recreated all the features that were in Quicken Mac 2007. In some cases, it has better implementation and extra features, but by no means is it "equal" in feature set to Quicken Mac 2007 and Quicken Mac 2007 didn't have the feature set of Quicken Windows 2007 let alone what Quicken Windows Subscription has in it.

    What's more in my opinion making a iPad version would be harder than a Desktop version/rewrite. The Desktop can cram a lot more on a screen because of the fact that not everything has to be sized to allow for a finger to touch it. That alone means that an iPad version would have to have quite a different layout with more windows and such.

    EDIT: Forgot one of the most important reasons why an iOS application is so much more challenging from a GUI standpoint. It isn't "iPad only", people would expect it to also work on a phone. And it doesn't matter that the phone screens are very high resolution these days, you finger doesn't shrink.

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