Robinhood account download no longer shows COMPLETE but only SIMPLE investing view.

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As of today (1/22/24) after downloading from Robinhood, I only get the SIMPLE view. There is no way to see transactions. I switched the investing option in preferences but it didn't help. I cannot edit the account details to turn to COMPLETE as it is greyed out.

I then re-connected to Robinhood and a info box popped up that said it could only connect via the SIMPLE method. The text in the box was stilted and not "normal person speak" which makes think it was AI generated or created by a non-native english speaker. Not being xenophobic, just adding my perception to help figure out how this change occurred and how to get it resolved.

I assume this is a new connection "issue" with Robinhood where they no longer send transaction details, much like Fidelity did last year.

How do I get the transaction detail for this personal investment account in Quicken CLassic on Windows?


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    The info box . . .

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    @gon - I think you answered your own question. The financial institution decides which connection method(s) they will support and what data they will download. One of the EWC+ options for financial institutions to select from is to support Simple Investments only. When a financial institution selects this option there is nothing we can do to get the actual transactions downloaded and showing in a register (i.e., Complete Investing). It appears that Robinhood has selected this option.

    Since Robinhood does not support manual downloading/importing of transactions in a QFX file (Web Connect method), the only options for you are:

    1. Accept the way that Robinhood downloads in Simple Investing format only and live with that.
    2. If you really want to see the transactions in a register, you will need to deactivate the account in Quicken. Then you can select Complete Investing and can manually enter/manage the account so you can view the transactions.
    3. If you really want Robinhood to begin supporting Complete Investing you should contact Robinhood and request them to add that support. If they get enough requests from their customers to do that they might at some time decide to do that.

    Sorry, I wish I had better news for you.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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