Quicken renewal observations (edit)

Why is renewal of my existing subscription through my account $71.88 whereas I can buy new Classic disc program at Best Buy for $59.88?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    There are often discounts at retailers, and Quicken sometimes has sales as well — although the latter are almost always for new customers only. If the copy you can buy at Best Buy doesn't say it is only for new subscribers, then buy it, enter the activation code, and the result is the same as if you were to buy it through Quicken directly.

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  • Hen
    Hen Member ✭✭

    My subscription is up for renewal on March 8th. This morning, Feb 22, my credit card was charged $1. Is that just a normal test of my credit card?

  • QuickUserPSP
    QuickUserPSP Member, Windows Beta Beta

    @Hen - each retailer uses pending transactions differently. There is no standard. A pending charge doesn't have to be the actual amount of the purchase. That $1 was probably put through as a check to see if your card was still active. That pending charge will eventually drop off or be replaced by the actual amount of the purchase.

  • Hen
    Hen Member ✭✭

    This was a charge by Quicken, not Best Buy or Amazon, just to be clear. Thanks.

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