Quicken Online Balance not Matching Bank Online Balance

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  • brianwolff
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    My system updated to R54.16 27,1.54.16 for WINDOWS, so just noticed this was on MAC, you are not alone.

    Immediately after download, I noticed that the real On-Line Balance does not equal the actual on-line balance

    But if you look at the last transaction, The balance in the account Journal DOES in fact match the Real On-Line Balance

    This is not just one account but over a dozen accounts, and not just one back but multiple banks.

    So the quick account on-line balance is fiction and does not represent

    Totally unable to reconcile my accounts.

  • Arthurc
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    I had the same issue. today as searching this and working another CC issue.

    Potential resolution.

    I had a Chase CC acct that was not updating after having to change the card number. I deleted that account in quicken and quicken sync'd properly with quicken online for the first time in a while. Now my online balances are updated and correct.

    So it appears that if you are not syncing correctly with quicken it doesn't update the balances. Still sorting the Chase issue with business CCs. But at least this issue is resolved for me.

  • jometz
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    I have had this problem since january 2024 that my accounts will no longer reconcile even though all of the transactions match. For the last week the online balance and the balance downloaded as statement ending balance are not equal.

    Unable to reconcile accounts

  • Chris_QPW
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    The Online Balance comes with the Downloaded Transaction information, for sure if you aren't getting them, you won't get the Online Balance.

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