Linked accounts, but transactions for newly issued card are not included in update.

I went through the process to address replacing a credit card. Deactivate old one> Tools. Add Account. Link to existing. It says that it is syncing. But no transactions from the new card are included. If I add it without linking, I end up with the new charges as well as previously accepted transactions (duplicates). This is not good.

Any suggestions?


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    @virtualcooks I am assuming that the new card had the same account number? If so, then there was no need to deactivate and reactivate. The new charges should have posted without any intervention. If the account number did change then you would need to deactivate and reactivate, and link to the existing CC account. But either way the new charges should have downloaded. Did you try multiple times to link and download new transactions to the existing CC? If so, that would explain why the new transaction are not posting to the existing CC account.

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    I assume what happened here is that you lost the old card or noticed some problem with the old card - unauthorized charges maybe - and the credit card company issued you a replacement credit card with a different number.

    You didn't mention deleting the "Account Number" information in the credit card Account when you deactivated. If you didn't do that then I'm guessing that's why you didn't see new credit card activity showing up in the old Account. The new card number didn't match up with the old card number.

    As far as getting "duplicates" when you created the new Account for the new card number, as far as I know that standard operating procedure as the credit card company moves all the "open" charges over to the new account number in their system, (and maybe some amount of history too), so you'll see those prior charges again in the new Account. That should be a one-time issue.

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