Usability Improvements to Tools, Manage Bill & Income Reminders

From the top menu, select Tools, Manage Bill & Income Reminders. A new window will appear, titled Bill and Income Reminders. Within the new window there will be columns identified as Status, Due, Pay To / Receive From, PDF, Amount, Show in list, #Left, Method, How Often, Web, and Action.

It is possible to sort on the Due column and the Pay To / Receive From column. It is not possible to soft on any other column.

Here is the immediate issue that creates a headache for my use of Quicken: the From Account is not displayed. Obviously, that data is available because it's included in the Edit Bill Reminder configuration window. Since I pay bills from multiple accounts, it's difficult to audit the Bill and Income Reminders data; rather, I have to bring up each Edit Bill Reminder configuration window.

First enhancement request. Can you please include the From Account to the Bill and Income Reminders window (and also make it possible to sort on that column).

Second enhancement request. I think this is a general solution to the above immediate annoyance. Just as with the Reports, can you please allow editing the presence or absence of each display column of the Bill and Income Reminders window? And please allow sorting on any of the display columns? This general solution will make auditing and configuration of Bill and Income Reminders much more efficient.

Thank you for your consideration!

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