Option to add interest income by date

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Scheduled interest income based on percentage savings rate.

For users who do not use connections to their banks.

Ex. Once a month on the 31st interest is added based on account balance and savings rate.

Allow for daily, weekly, monthly, etc compounding.

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    While you are waiting for this:

    It's not clear how the percentage saving rate would be computed. Percent of the account balance each month? Percent of the balance of another account? Percent of your paycheck?

    If the account balance is reasonably stable, you can estimate how much the interest will be and set up a monthly income Reminder for that amount. Or you can have Quicken estimate the interest based on the prior month amount. If you will also be contributing to the account each month, you could set up a separate Reminder for that, or include it in your paycheck.

    The Reminder(s) will also drive Quicken's Projected Balances and the Tax Planner.

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