Data transfer problem - laptop to new computer (edit)

I just purchased a Windows 11 computer. I have a lap top running Windows 10. I backup with drop box. When I try to load the Drop Box data the new computer does not see the file as a Quicken file.

I need to use both computers. I use the lap top when we travel in the motor home.


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    What file are you transferring?

    It should be a *.QDF file.

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    Did you install Quicken on the Windows 11 computer?

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    just to clarify all the steps - and some comments about trying to use on TWO computers -
    Are you using a current version of Quicken ? If not - what version ….. Help —> About Quicken
    and your Quicken subscription is not expired ?

    You need to -
    1 - download and install Quicken on the new computer - using your current Quicken email ID / password
    2 - copy the Quicken QDF file from the laptop -to either Dropbox or just a flash drive
    3 - copy the QDF file from DropBox or flash drive onto the new computer - the Quicken install should have created a /Quicken/ folder
    4 - run Quicken and open the QDF file on the new computer

    Running Quicken on TWO computers and trying to keep things the same
    is a totally different discussion AFTER you get Quicken running on the new computer

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