OL-301-A error after changing account password for my First Tech Fed CU account

Everything was going fine until I changed my password for my First Tech Fed CU account. Now I get error OL-301-A when attempting "One Step Updat".

  1. I followed typical instructions recommended in similar posts with no success.
  2. First Tech sent me a windows doc supplied to them by Quicken to resolve the error with no success.
  3. I tried to update the password stored in quicken but I get the error (from Quicken app) that first tech limits length to 16 characters. This is before it attempts to access First Tech. Seems to be hard coded in the Quicken software. My password is 27 characters long and is accepted by First Tech when I log into my account online.
  4. I deleted the First Tech password from Quicken so I would be prompted for the password during the "One Step Update".
    - I manually enter the password (ok, I cut and paste from my password manager ;) ) but the update still fails with the OL-301-A error. I don't know if the assumption by Quicken that the max character password length of 16 characters is affecting this (truncating my entry to 16 characters before transmitting).

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