How to copy accounts between Quicken files (edit)

How do I copy an account that exists in one transfer file to another transfer file? I had to delete several old brokerage accounts in one transfer file in order to deal with a placeholder issue. I cannot download the data for those old brokerage accounts online since the broker (TD Ameritrade) was acquired by Schwab. So I have to import the accounts from a different backup file that I saved. I have tried to use file export and file import and cannot figure it out. The account is a brokerage account so as I understand it I have to use QIF (right?). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    What can't you figure out?

    What problems are you having.

    QIF is the only way it can be done, but the big problem is going to be the transfers to other accounts, Quicken doesn't do good with QIF transfer imports.

    This information might help:

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    What would be helpful would be a step by step guide to copying an account (e.g., "Schwab IRA") from one data file (data file 1) to a different data file (data file 2).
    Data file 1 is a backup file I created to save the data in certain accounts that I deleted in data file 2.
    Now I want to add some of those deleted accounts in data file 1 back into data file 2.
    I don't want to have to manually add all of the transactions for those deleted accounts to data file 2;
    I want to just copy the accounts back into data file 2, if that is possible.
    How do I do that?

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    never a good idea to delete accounts unless you will never ever reference them again -
    In my opinion, never a good idea to slice up a QDF file for any reason…
    You can [x] them as Separate display & reporting
    You can [x] them as Hidden

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    In file that has the account:

    File → File Export → QIF File, select the account that you want export. Note that "Special handling for transfers" means don't include the "From side" of the transfer. It is assumed that you will be importing the QIF transactions from the other account to create the transfer back to the "From side". Clearly this isn't going to be the case when you import only one account, so this option should be off. And of course, Transactions should be on.

    In the file that where you want to import it:

    File → File Import → QIF File, select account, and "Transactions".

    The problem here is going to be Quicken doesn't/doesn't do with the transfers.

    The operations are easy, getting to work right is hard.

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