Mobile app still slow and buggy

floydfan Member ✭✭

I did upgrade from 7.0, which is unusable, to 7.0.1. The app is better in that you can add a transaction, but it is still pretty slow and unresponsive at times. Worse, I've had the app crash on me multiple times but it was random - it didn't happen at any particular time or function.

I think now that the app seems to reload all of your transactions into an account every time you go into the account, it just slows down the entire process. I like the more condensed look of the account registers, but other than that it really didn't do much for me. I just want some of these bugs to be addressed soon.


  • jimvoigt2024
    jimvoigt2024 Member

    I have same issues, first on mobile app using iPhone but now my iPad updated to 7.02 with same issues.

    This needs to get fixed asap.

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