Syncing to Mobile Changes Past Transactions


I noted a year or so ago that I would find old transactions that were in reconciled accounts had changed throwing accounts out of balance. I had to go back months and sometimes years to find and fix the changed transactions - and this happened multiple times - sometimes to the same transaction and sometime others. It particularly seemed to impact payroll or incentive pay transactions.

I deduced that this was happening when I would sync my data for mobile & web. I am a heavy Quicken user and have been for years. And while I would really like to be able to see my Quicken accounts on my iPad and maybe even my iPhone, the risk of past transactions changing and corrupting information input prior was not acceptable or worth it.

Today I read a post in this forum that suggested the same and indicated that past transactions were perhaps indeed being changed during syncing. The suggested solution was to password protect past transactions. I thought this might be a viable solution to the past problem and could afford me the opportunity to sync with mobile without the above-mentioned issue.

I reinstalled the Quicken app on my iPad, logged in, and on my desktop I attempted to sync (I backed up my data prior) so that I could see my data on my iPad. During the sync my prior suspicion that syncing was changing old transactions and thus corrupting my data seemed true. The sync was taking a long time (lots of data from years of use - I've used Quicken since 1997 at least) and during the sync I got a dialogue box prompt to input my transaction protection password. I aborted the sync (by hard closing Quicken) and turned off the sync features. Why would a sync request to change prior transactions?

I find Quicken to be an excellent program (some mostly-manageable quirks from time to time), but this issue with not being able to have data in a cloud with integrity seems illogical with today's technology.

I'm posting this to see if others have had similar issues and to see if there is a solution.


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    I'm actually surprised that the prompt comes up. Depending on the "level" the sync works at it might have bypassed that prompt all together.

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