Import transactions from Bank website - workaround after reauthorization

When did this option become a "thing"? I've had to use this feature with all my credit cards - Citibank, Synchrony, Elan Financial Services; and my regional bank - Arvest - since Quicken announced the reauthorization process for Citibank earlier this month. Is this going to be the "new normal" with Quicken? A timewaster . . .


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    Web Connect (the "import transactions from the bank website - workaround") is not a new "thing." It is one of the standard connection methods that is available for use. But Web Connect (WC) is not the direction that Quicken is pushing anyone to use. It is the financial institutions that determine which connection method(s) they will support and they then contract with the integrator (Intuit) regarding that. Quicken Inc. has absolutely no say in the matter…they simply provide support for the connection method that the financial institution and Intuit have contracted for.

    While for most of us WC is, as you say, "a timewaster," it is a viable alternative to manually updating our accounts or not getting any account updates, when the more normal Direct Connect (DC), Express Web Connect (EWC) and/or Express Web Connect+ (EWC+) connection methods are not functioning properly.

    Regarding Citibank: For most people (including me), the Citibank reauthorization EWC+ process issue has been resolved and they are now able to download reliably with the new EWC+ connection method. If you would provide some details as to what about Citibank's EWC+ is not working for you (i.e., error code, error message, etc.) I or someone might be able to provide you with some assistance.

    Regarding Synchrony: The Synchrony issue has nothing to do with the Citibank EWC+ issue….two totally different financial institutions with very different download connection setups. There are also several different download connection setups for Synchrony cards. If you would advise which card(s) you are having an issue with, along with which Synchrony setup financial institution (as shown in Account List and the Online Services tab of Account Details) that is involved, perhaps someone can provide assistance, as well.

    Regarding Elan: Elan uses the EWC (not EWC+) connection method. I had a problem downloading from Elan for 1 day earlier this month but it has been working fine for me every since. I think (not 100% sure) that I needed to Reset Account and that resolved the connection issue I had. I am also not seeing much in the way of posts from others regarding current issues downloading from Elan. Are you getting an error code? If so, which one? What troubleshooting steps have you taken?

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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