How to delete a User Account in the Files Tab

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Hi, I have been using quicken for quite sometime. I am very happy with the product and it's usefulness. One thing that I cannot figure out how to do is delete a user account in Quicken. When I open the Files Tab and scroll to the bottom there are two accounts to choose from. One I obviously use and the other one is from years ago which is not of use. How do I delete the unused account from my Quicken (without deleting the account I do use)?

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    What you are referring to as accounts are Quicken data files if they are listed at the bottom of the File menu in Quicken.

    You should find your Quicken data files in a folder named Quicken under your Documents folder in Windows Explorer. Before doing anything, make a Quicken Backup of your "good" data file for safety. Then go to the folder where the data files are located and delete the data file that you no longer want.

    Then start Quicken and if you didn't get rid of the wrong data file, it will start and open your "good" data file. If you then go to the File menu and click on the listing for the "unwanted" file, Quicken should report that it was not found and would you like to have it removed from the list, obviously, answer yes.

    Now, if you messed up and deleted the wrong file, you have the backup you made and you can do a Quicken Restore of it.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I will check into and yes, I always keep a current external backup.

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