How to add an RBC Canadian Checking Account in Canadian Dollars to US Quicken

Hi there, I want to have my Canadian RBC accounts appear in quicken in Canadian dollars. I walked through a process with tech support which had me manually add the accounts in canadian dollars then add accounts through RBC login. At the point of adding the accounts, the agent told me to link the new accounts to the accounts I created using the Actions tab. Unfortunately, this was not an option - Only "Link to Quicken" or "Don't link to Quicken" were options. The tech said this must be because Quicken can't add Canadian RBC accounts to quicken in Canadian dollars. It can only add the accounts to Canadian quicken in Canadian dollars. UGH!

For what it's worth, I CAN add the accounts, but quicken thinks that the amounts are US$ when they are actually CA$.




  • jpadgett
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    The problem was that when I originally added the accounts, I did not have Multi-Currency activated. Upon re-adding them after activation they AUTOMATICALLY appear in CA$. I did not need to manually add an offline account and link it.

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    What version of Quicken Windows are you using?

    Also does it say Candian here?

    Can you post what is on Help → About? (cover up the Quicken Id)

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