quicken - issues with account numbers

i have multiple schwab accounts - two of them end in the same 4 digits (4536) - this has caused multiple issues with my system.

Problem has been going on for a year, was escalated to the President/CEO still un resolved - contact at Quicken is Dale K.


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    Quicken Inc can't solve this problem.

    Quicken needs enough information to tell one account from the other. Part of that information is the account number (and in this case the only information that is different between different accounts).

    Of course, it is obvious that Schwab that creates the account numbers. But what might not be as obvious is that it is also Schwab that determines what account number to send to Quicken. In other words, its Schwab that is masking the account number sent to Quicken to the last 4 digits.

    I think your best bet is to get Schwab to either change the account number (they might not be able to do that) or open a new account and move all the securities to the new one, which will hopefully have a different last 4 digits.

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