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OK, I get this is prolly a stupid question but new to Quicken for mac and have reached the point of having to ask… Where is the option to find and delete an existing renaming rule in Quicken for Mac? Thanks!


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    Menu Bar → Windows → Payees & Rules → Renaming Rules per the below image.

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    If you don't have a Renaming Rule for a Payee which is being renamed, it may be happening automatically at Quicken's server level. For instance, if your bank is transmitting "Home Depot #1234 Anytown", Quicken's server renaming will likely clean that up to "Home Depot".

    But what can you do if "Home Deposits #2345" is being renamed to "Home Depot"? You can try turning off automatic renaming and automatic categorizing — but it's a global on/off, which may not be desirable. Go to Settings > Connected Services and uncheck the box for "Automatically improve the quality of downloaded payee names and categories."

    the other thing you can do is create a renaming rule to counteract what Quicken is renaming automatically. So back to Home Deposits #2345" being renamed to "Home Depot": you could create a local renaming rule to rename "Home Deposits" to "Home Deposits". Or, a renaming rule for "If statement name contains: Home Deposits" "Do not rename".

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