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I have several investing accounts in Quicken Classic. Many years ago, I uploaded some data to investing.quicken.com, but then quickly stopped uploading data.

Recently I visited investing.quicken.com and saw my old information. I deleted all portfolios.

I then performed a one-step update, selecting upload to investing.quicken.com, and choosing all my current investing accounts.

For some reason, I found two old investing accounts on investing.quicken.com that are both closed and hidden. I did not select them for upload. They existed many years ago when I first uploaded data, but have been closed since.

Once again, I deleted all portfolio accounts and re-uploaded the data from Classic. Those two old accounts still get created on investing.quicken.com.

I am trying to understand why that's happening and how I can make it stop.

Thanks for any information that the readers of this group can provide.


  • Chris_QPW
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    investing.quicken.com has been broken for several months now.

    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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    @Barnabas I think what you need to do is first delete the accounts from "investing.quicken.com" again and then make sure the One Step Update (OSU) settings don't include "Update Investing.quicken.com Portfolio" by unchecking that option under "Online Services".

  • QuickUserPSP
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    @Barnabas I forgot to mention that the other thing to do is go to Edit→Preferences→Investing.Quicken.com Portfolio, and click on the "Clear All" button. Then select "send my symbols only" and uncheck "Track my watch list", if it's checked. This way if the option ever gets turned back on in the OSU setup, it will error out because no securities are checked for upload.

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