How to Tell When Express Web Connect Just Stops Downloading an Account?

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After realizing I wasn't getting new downloads from a credit card account I checked other seldom updated accounts and found several had just stopped downloading transactions and balances. Yes, I know to reauthorize the account to get it working again, but there is no way to know the account needs re-authorization. This could be very dangerous with brokerage accounts when you think you have current data but an account has been hacked and cleaned out. What's the solution?


  • NotACPA
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    Isn't the One Step Update Summary telling you that?

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  • hugh_mul
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    No, it just shows the last activity date. If no activity to download it doesn't update the date. That doesn't mean it has stopped connecting to that site.

    Now that you mention it my One Step Update Summary is broken on my desktop, but not my laptop (trying to figure that out). The summary only shows 2 of about 10 accounts even though others have downloaded. I have a report into Quicken on that.

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