Uncategorized transactions

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What is the best way to identify my uncategorized transactions and apply the appropriate category to each transaction.


  • QuickUserPSP
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    @sheria depending on what version of Quicken you have there is a widget on the home page.

    But that has a limited timeframe of 90 days that can't be changed.

    To check for uncategorized transactions for any timeframe, you can create a custom transaction report with only one category checked - "Not Categorized".

    This way you can check all dates for uncategorized transactions.

  • Chris_QPW
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    My preference is this Home tab "widget" (from the "Classic View"):

    See Where Your Money Goes. Not only does it give a snapshot of our spending this is what happens if there are any un-categorized transaction in the period selected to show spending from:

    You can then click on the "Uncategorized Transactions" and it will take the Spending tab filtered to just this/these transactions.

    But in truth the "first line of defense" should be reviewing and correcting the categorize after you have downloaded them into a given account.

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