Fidelity EWC+ reauthorization - two vs three decimal place mutual fund share quantities

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Ever since I did the Fidelity reauthorization to EWC+ in December 2023 my mutual fund buy/sell transactions are downloading with quantities with only two decimal places rather than three. I have to go to the Fidelity website to view the actual three decimal place quantity and change the transaction in quicken.

I reported the issue to quicken via phone call. Will this issue ever be fixed ???


  • Jim_Harman
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    Is this Fidelity Investments, NetBenefits, or some other Fidelity? What type of account is this? All the Fidelity accounts that I am aware of use Direct Connect and not EWC+.

    Are the 2-digit share quantities in the account's Transaction list (register) or just in reports? If just reports, there is a setting at Edit > Preferences > Reports only that controls how many digits are displayed.

    When you spoke to the Quicken rep, did they acknowledge that it was a problem and give you at ticket number?

    If you want a follow-up from Quicken, you will have to call them again. Have the rep review the download logs with you to see whether the transactions are being downloaded with 2 digits or are being rounded or truncated by Quicken.

    This is a user to user forum so we can't say if or when an issue will be addressed.

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  • Thomas Roche
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    My accounts are all with Fidelity Investments. Back in the late fall I received instructions from Quicken to deactivate my current Direct Connect method and make the switch to EWC+ using "Fidelity - Investments & Retirement Accounts" as the financial institution. If you search this forum you'll find others who have ongoing issues after making the change. Some have even reverted back to Direct Connect. I spent several hours on the phone with Quicken and was willing to give them some time to resolve the many issues this change has caused. Quicken was going to have to work with Intuit who they use to extract the data from Fidelity and felt that was where the problems were arising. Fidelity offered no help when I called them numerous times. One Fidelity rep told me they don't support Quicken any longer!

    I will give Quicken another call and see what, if anything, has been done since my initial call. I may be forced to switch back to Direct Connect, a painful process, as it forces you to add new accounts to Quicken rather than being able to link them to existing accounts.