matured T-bill amounts still remain in account total

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My T-bill matured in my Schwab account recently and reinvested in another. But the original T-bill amount still remains in the account and is showing a total value double what it should be. I use Quicken Classic for windows with the latest updates, version R55.15. I update Schwab transactions regularly but I continue to have 2 T-bills showing instead of one. I had already entered the maturity date for the original T-Bill. Quicken won't let me delete it because of previous transaction.

How can I correct my books?


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    When the one matured, that T-bill should have been sold. The proceeds were then used to Buy the other (not a reinvestment). If the brokerage didn't do it 'right', you need to do it yourself. That maturity date entered in Quicken has no significance other than as a reminder for you.

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    The cash received at maturity comprises a return of your initial investment dollars plus some interest. You'll typically "sell" the original bond at the price you paid for it, resulting in no gain or loss and then, separately, you'll recognize the "leftover" cash as interest income. That combination should get the cash in the Account correctly stated.

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