Mortgage payment due date does not advance when payment made more than 14 days early Quicken Windows

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I made a payment for the payment due 3/1/24 on 2/20/24 and the next payment date properly advanced to 4/1/24 in both the Bill Reminders and the "View payment schedule" on the mortgage page. However, when I entered the payment for the 4/1/24, payment due date on 3/13/24, both the bill reminder and the "View payment schedule" due dates did not advance to 5/1/24, but remained at 4/1/24. However the "View payment schedule" shows the correct 5/1/24 principal and interest amounts, but a pay date of 4/1/24. I tried changing the 4/1/24 payment from 3/13/24 moving forward. When I got to 3/17/24, then the next payment due date in both places properly advanced to 5/1/24. Anyone else see this problem? Maybe a bug if the payment is more than 14 days before due date.


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    Hello @gspillman,

    I tried to replicate the issue you are seeing, but was not able to get my Quicken to misbehave that way. To make sure I'm understanding correctly, you are paying more than 14 days early, entering the manual reminder into your register to reflect that early payment, and the date is updating everywhere except in the Mortgage loan register?

    If you haven't done so already, I suggest you try closing out of Quicken and reopening it. If that doesn't correct the issue, then please make a backup of your Quicken file and try updating to the latest version (To do that, in your Quicken program, go to Help>Check for Updates).

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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