Matching transactions with different download IDs but having same date and amount

I am running Quicken Classic version running on Windows Enterprise version 10.0.19045. However, I have been having the same problem for years now. I have credit card accounts with NC State Employees Credit Union. Downloads work great and as charges occur, they appear in the downloaded transactions and I can accept these in to the correct accounts. So far so good.

However, when the credit card statement is issued ALL of the transactions for that month reappear in the downloaded transactions. This happens even though the dates and amounts are identical with an existing transaction I accepted earlier. I have to review these transactions and delete the duplicates because they do not match to the existing transaction. In reviewing the downloaded IDs I see that the duplicates do not match because the previous transaction has a different download ID than the ones downloaded after the statement is closed.

Is there any option in Quicken that I can configure to match transactions with the date and amount ONLY without comparing download IDs?


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    If I understand this correctly, you download transactions throughout the month and then again when the statement is posted. Are you downloading these by different methods? If the same method is used all the time, then the FITID of the transactions should be the same between the first time downloads and end of period downloads.

    Doing Web Connect .QFX file downloads and also Express Web Connect (via One Step Update) could cause different FITIDs since the way they are generated could and very probably is different.

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