Quicken asks to reauthorize Citibank Mastercard. username & password for MC then not accepted.

R55.15 27 155 15, Windows 11.


  • NotACPA
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    MUCH more info needed. Let's start with: Are you getting any error messages or codes?

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  • garyccc
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    NotACPA Thanks. more details: After the one-stop account update, Quicken notification CC-502 that Citibank has a more secure connection method, and to click “Reauthorize.” Then, Quicken asks me to use bank-authorized web sign-in to the Citibank website, and to click “Sign in," where I put in my confirmed name and password. The page still says citi on top, and Citibank on the bottom, but the rest of the screen stays blank. Back at Quicken, the "Add account" box has a blue bar going around in a circle, then says sign-in failed due to time-out or a connection error.