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Reconciling account causes reconcile account to be no reconciled, reconcile no matching. The issue started after March 15, 2024. I was reconciling since I have Quicken in 1993, with no issues. I noticed after downloaded the transactions and other account had issue communicating with server. I have not seen that issue before. The total did not match. I noticed that some transactions that were reconciled before, it appeared no reconciled. When I identified those transactions and the fixed amount was 0. I went out to be sure all were ok. Try reconciliation again, it did not reconcile and the total increased significantly from before. Everything looks reconciled and I could not figure out why that total. I was not able to reconcile anymore. It asked for adjustment. I want to solve this. It was excellent before. It sounds like a bug in the file. I did get a file from the last reconciliation that worked excellent. I restored that file but the issue repeat again. I hope that you have a solution of this problem. I wonder if the last update caused this issue.



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    I was able to reconcile, thanks to God. It was a larger update but I needed to get a backup file that I knew had no issues. I noticed one transaction should have been reconciled in the past but it was not. I noticed in the area of that transaction, duplicates were created. I proceeded to delete them. I had that before and it was duplicates but the reconciling account got worse and no more duplicates available. This time, I directly reconciled the transaction that was reconciled in the past based in the bank information. Somehow, Quicken program did not pick it up, or the bank updated the information but it was not part of Quicken reconciliation. The duplicates were this time easier to spot and I went out and get back in. This time, the total did not go up. I had 0 or reconciled.

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    Have you recently changed the download method for this account? Say from "Direct Connect" to "Express Web Connect", or similar change.

    That could cause several of the issues that you mention … especially the duplicates as the FITID (that Q uses to ID duplicates) frequently gets generated differently by the change.

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