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I've been using Quicken for Windows for 30 years. Recently switched to a MacBook and thus switched to Mac version of Quicken. Everything transferred over perfectly, except invoicing. Apparently this is not available in the Mac version. Anyone know when this will be available? Hopefully future update?


  • Jon
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    We know they're planning on adding invoicing, but we don't know when. They started adding Business features to Quicken Mac last fall, so I would expect invoicing sometime this year but they never announce in advance when features will be released.

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    I just switched yesterday to Quicken Business for Mac and no where that I could find that it says that invoicing is not available for Mac users. It was a waste of my time and money to switch without the features to run a business.

  • jacobs
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    Most products, Quicken included, don't provide a list of features they don't include. 😂 But I understand your frustration.

    For what it's worth, on the product page for Quicken Classic Business & Personal, it shows the for invoicing:

    See the little asterisk at the end? Well, if you scroll down…. way, way down, you'll see where it says:

    The Business & Personal product for Quicken Mac is new, and is still a 1.0 product. The developers have stated that invoicing is definitely coming to Quicken Mac, but we don't know how soon that will be.

    It was a waste of my time and money to switch without the features to run a business.

    Since you just switched yesterday, you can contact Quicken Support for a refund of what you paid. If you did any setup of business entities or categories in Quicken Mac, they'll remain in your database even if you revert to Deluxe for the time being; if you later re-upgrade to Business & Personal once it has the features you need, any of the set-up work you started will still be in your file.

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  • bobcatmike88
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    I "switched" from Windows version so no need for refund. Been using Quicen for Windows since 1996. I'm using Quicken on my old PC laptop; I was just hoping to switch it over to my everyday MacBook.