Merrill Lynch downloads Quicken on Windows are populating incorrect fields


Issue began middle of 2023 and i have been manually correcting the transactions after they download

Shares from Merrill are going into the share field on Quicken

Total amount from Merrill is going into the price field on Quicken

therefore the total amount on Quicken is populated with the Merrill shares times the Merrill total amount


on Merrill

Shares sold 5.07; Price 1.00; Total 5.07

on Quicken

Shares sold 5.07; Price 5.069034: Total 25.70


  • NotACPA
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    Please do TOOLS, Account List. What does it say in the "Transaction Download" field adjacent to your ML account?

    And, is this a Money Market fund? If so, since the price is a constant $1, why are you bothering to download quotes?

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  • Mike0805
    Mike0805 Member

    Sorry you misunderstood

    I am not downloading quotes

    I am downloading buy and sell transactions from my merrill lynch benefits on line portfolios

    These transactions are individual share transactions not just balances

    I have been doing this for 15 years with no issues but last year as i described the transaction detail started going into the wrong fields