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The entries in my Quicken File for this account match the entries online at TD Bank CANADA. However, Quicken tells me that the Account Balance is -$3545.30 whereas I know the Online Account Balance is -$91.71. Can I change Quicken's entry for Account Balance, so it matches the ACTUAL Account Balance online at the Bank? I am using a desktop PC with Windows 11 and the Canadian Version of Quicken R54.16 Build The problem arose when I tried to use Quicken's OneStep Update … This resulted in many erroneous entries in my Quicken-records. Therefore I 'deactivated' use of the OneStep Update and returned to direct update from TD Bank, one account at a time. I now have the correct entries in Quicken-on-my-Desktop. When I tried to run 'Reconcile' Quicken wanted to reconcile to the INCORRECT figure -$3545.30. Since I know that my entries into Quicken are correct, I manually coded each transaction as "Reconciled" — as shown in the attachments. QUESTION: Can I change the "Ongoing Balance Figure" stated in Quicken so that it agrees with the ACTUAL "Ongoing Balance" stated on the Bank's website? Doing this will allow me once again proceed with the RECONCILIATION PROCESS OFFERED by my Quicken Software, and I will no longer have to manually code each entry as Reconciled. I spoke with a Chat-agent at Quicken. He advised that my Quicken file must be corrupted and he recommended that I create a new File and re-enter and re-code all historic entries. This would take hours, so I will not do this. And so, again, my question: QUESTION: Can I change the "Ongoing Balance Figure" stated in Quicken so that it agrees with the ACTUAL "Ongoing Balance" stated on the Bank's website? Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Sam A.


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    "Can I change the "Ongoing Balance Figure"

    I think you mean the "Online Balance of $3545.40.

    The answer to that question is "No", that number comes with the other downloaded information and can't be changed by the user. I don't think that agent you spoke to understood the issue. Your Quicken balance properly reconciles to the bank's balance up to that "Paypal - Spotify" transaction can presumableably there after based on the bank's actual online balance, so there's nothing wrong in your file, it's the "feed" you're receiving from Quicken that's wrong.

    From time to time the Online Balance that comes down with the download is simply wrong - it's happened to lots of people - so Quicken needs to fix that. You might want to call Quicken again and speak to a different agent or forget about reconciling to the Online Balance and go back to paper statements. If you notice that the Online Balance that's downloaded gets corrected somewhere along the line you can switch back to "automatic reconcile" if you wish.