Ability to Customize Titles in Portfolio and Other Graphs

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Would like the ability to customize the titles in graphs I place on a Dashboard view. For example, I use multiple different portfolio graphs for many different kinds of accounts (tax free, deferred, etc.). It would be nice if I could customize the titles displayed on each of these graphs. Instead, I have many different graphs, each titled "Portolio Value by Asset Class…" Ideally, I'd like the ability to retitle to be "Tax Free Account Value by Asset Class".

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  • Jim_Harman
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    This is a Classic view on the Home page, right? You can already rename the views and add new ones, but you can't rename the individual panels. You could create a view called Tax free accounts and include whatever panels you want in that view.

    On the Dashboard, there is a limited number of panels and you can rename them but not add new ones.

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  • KJDaubel2
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    Upvoted. I have the same general request as DisplacedHoosier. (Nov 2023, title: Display-UI Quicken Classic HOME VIEW ITEMs - Want User Customizable Titles). - I have data back to 2005, have maxed out the number of Views, and have 3-15 panels under each View, to show charts/graphs of historical data.