Can't Deactivate Existing Brokerage Account

I want to deactivate closed-out brokerage account, but I get the "boiler-plate" error msg: "Quicken cannot edit xxx-xxx account because there are downloaded transactions that must first be accepted into the account register or transaction list." "Finish accepting the downloaded transactions and then try again" I open up the desired account and downloaded transactions shows "(0)". Nothing to download, nothing to review, all show "R" for reconciled. What next?


  • jah47Ed
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    Support Article "worked". Forced to accept old transactions from Brokerage - probably have lots of duplicate entries, but that does not matter if the old accounts are inactive. I might delete them, but I would like to keep them for historical reference. Can they be archived? Thanks, Tom.

  • jah47Ed
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    Quicken Classic - Premier R55.26 Build: 27.155.26

  • Tom Young
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    "Support Article "worked". Forced to accept old transactions from Brokerage - probably have lots of duplicate entries,"

    If you want accuracy in the old accounts for historical reference I don't understand how would be forced to blindly (presumably) accept all transactions; there might be both transactions that should have been downloaded in the past but weren't, and duplicate records. I'd be tempted to try that again with a backup, making sure are downloads are NOT automatically entered, and sorting this out.

    "Can they be archived?"

    They can be archived but unless you're having real difficulties with the file there's not a huge reason to do so.

  • jah47Ed
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    I doubt seriously if I ever visit old accounts for historical reference. I keep several years of monthly statements (.pdf) that I can use, that and an EXCEL spreadsheet.

    Unexpected results - linked and downloaded 4 April. Two accounts showed "Removed" for all mutual funds. I had to manually, line by line delete the erroneous "Removed" transactions, thus restoring the account to show actual holdings in agreement with brokerage house accounts. April 5th - no issues. I'll keep watching each night for unusual behavior/results.