Exports Should Include Attachments / Ability to Merge Files So No Lost Data


The attachment function as currently implemented is useless. If you export data, or want to merge files, you lose the attachments. Why even have the option if you lose it? You can't use it safely for receipt tracking, so what other purpose does it serve?

Make file merging/importing/exporting between Quicken files include ALL of the data, including attachments. Otherwise you should remove the attachment feature, since it's dangerously misleading.

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  • NotACPA
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    There's multiple reasons why storing attachments in your Q data file is ill-advised … these are but examples. Others are INCREDIBLE file bloat and the inability to view those attachments other than within Q.

    A better idea is to set up folders, via Windows, to hold the attachments, and merely reference them from w/i Q.

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