How can a brokerage ID# that I type in being somehow automatically changed to 4513?

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This has happened multiple times. I end up checking this as the brokerage account is working properly and then stops downloading transactions. I check it by "Edit Details" of the account not working. I have had problems on and off since November 2023 after MS took over Etrade. Has anyone had a similar issue with the account ID# changing? If so, how have you fixed this issue from reoccurring?


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    For accounts that are setup to download, the ID number is whatever is downloaded by financial institution (FI). It is nothing we can change while the account is still set up for download. The only way to change it is to deactivate the account and then manually change it but when we set it up for download, again, the FI will change the ID number back to what it was.

    I had heard that MS has now assigned their own ID numbers to the old E-Trade accounts. I do not know if that is true but it is one possibility. Maybe log into your online account and see if the ID number has been changed and if it has is 4513 perhaps the last 4 digits of the new ID number?

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