Odd Behaviors with new Pending Transactions Functionality

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Q r53.32 Win 11 fully updated.

Turned it on yesterday (Fri April 5). At first blush, it looked a lot better and seemed more thoughtfully implemented than the last time it was released, but after a couple of downloads I saw a bunch of weird behaviors.

(1) Chase MC account TWICE downloaded the same 3 pending records (greyed in the register, no balance change). Problem is, those transactions were already finalized on the website, downloaded into Quicken and reconciled the day before. I suppose its possible this is a one-time anomaly due to initiating the Pending Txn function. Or, it could be that the 3 transactions were manually input, waiting for matching downloads, but the match function isn't working right. Don't know.

(2) Citi Costco Card (EWC+) successfully downloaded 4 transactions, 3 final and one pending. The 3 were all Costco purchases, but there was an incorrect category in one transaction so I went to correct it. It kept changing one of the other transactions as well. Changed one, and the other changed with it. Couldn't stop it from happening. Then the drop down to turn off pending transactions disappeared. Had to click into another account and back to restore it. I restored the file from backup, downloaded again and saw the same behavior. This time I shut down the Pending Transactions function from Preferences and was able to turn it off. Everything worked fine after that.

I'm running r53.32. Perhaps I have to be on r55.26 for it to work correctly? In any case, I'm gonna give it a rest for a while. In the meantime, does anyone know what happens with those unmatched pending transactions when the function is turned off?

Hope it gets straightened out. I want this to work.


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    Like I said in another post, given that they announced the feature in the R55.26 release notes I would suggest that it would be best to have R55.26 or later installed if you are going to use the pending transactions feature.

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    @Chris_QPW Yeah, I realized that was a possibility but it was staring me in the face, so I started playing with it. Its kinda weird that they'd allow you to switch it on the if you're not running the right release level.

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