Transactions are being downloaded into wrong accounts


The past couple of days I have been asked to reauthorize my Chase accounts. I do it, then do the download, and transactions for Chase accounts are being loaded into two different, non-Chase, accounts that I haven't used in 5 years.

I haven't changed anything in my configuration, other than installing an upgrade to Quicken. I have to think this latest upgrade is the problem. Version R55.26 Build

Has this happened to anyone else?



  • NotACPA
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    Try doing TOOLS, Account List. Is there the red Circle with a slash adjacent to one of the accounts that's WRONGLY receiving downloads?

    Click EDIT for that account. What shows as the Financial Institution, and can you recognize the account number (or the portion displayed)?

    Another possibility is a corrupted Q data file. Have you tried VALIDATING the file?

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