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According to the Quicken Manual (QMac Classic → Business & Personal → Setting up your first business → Switching business data from Windows to Mac):

  • Business tags in Quicken for Windows will be imported into Quicken for Mac as Business entities

I have tried this on a small test file and I cannot get it to work. Two business entities and four transactions - one income and one expense for each entity, all transactions associated with categories under business.

The issue is that all transactions gets assigned to the default business - not individual business entities per the business tags in QWin.

I contacted quicken support. They spent quite a bit of time on this but couldn't get it to work either (waiting for a follow up call).

I start to wonder if anyone ever has gotten this to work as advertised?


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    I'm sorry I can't help. (I've only ever used Quicken Mac.) My only suggestion is to continue trying to work with Quicken Support to follow through with this. My guess is that this was not a heavily-tested feature where Quicken Mac's Business & Personal software came out a few months ago. Among the people (like me) who beta test Quicken Mac, relatively few still use or have Quicken Windows data files to test with — and relatively few of those relatively few were Business & Personal (formerly Home & Business) users on the Windows side. So it's quite possible you've found a bona fide bug, and it needs to get escalate to the development team to look into and hopefully fix.

    If you haven't done so already, I'd also suggest submitting a report via the Report a Problem option on the Help menu. You (likely*) won't get any reply, but if someone on the Quicken end can validate your report, there's a decent chance it will get looked at. (*Sometimes, Quicken Mac developers have been known to reach out to users directly if they're trying to resolve an issue, so while I wouldn't expect it, it can happen.)

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