"Pending Transactions" Online Balance is inaccurate. R55.26

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I updated today to R55.26

"Pending Transactions" is Off.

I made a somewhat large deposit yesterday, which the bank shows will be "on Hold" for several days. Neither my bank's website balance nor my Quicken Ending Balance include the deposit, yet my Online Balance reflects the deposit.


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    Well, all I can say is that "pending" isn't a "fix" for the Online Balance not reflecting "what it should be" kind of problems.

    The online balance has never been 100% for all financial institutions or for all times (maybe be wrong during the day and updated in the nighttime, might include pending transactions when it shouldn't).

    The kind of problem you are facing isn't going to be a Quicken problem, it is going to be a financial institution problem.

    What financial institution is this?

    One of the things I sort of wondered about when they made attempts at including pending transactions was how all the balances would be treated. With this last rollout I see that in fact the online balance should never be affected by pending transactions. And that makes perfect sense when thought about it.

    Pending transactions by their very nature might go away, therefore they can never be included in a reconcile. The online balance is for the reconcile and for the cleared transactions, not to judge how much the balance of a given account is with all (including pending transactions).

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    Chris_QPW, I agree with your comments above.

    The account with the issue is at Bank of America. Today the incorrect Online Balance is still displayed. The difference between what Quicken shows as Online Balance and what BofA and the Quicken Ending Balance show correctly is quite large.

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